Is Your Mind Ready For Success?

head-674129_1920I have been beating my head against a rock trying to decide what my first topic should be for the start of the new year and the start of my new blog. (well kind of new, it’s on a new server and all the content is going to be new or at the least updated for 2016)

I decided against the usual, and somewhat droll, “this year I’m going to blah, blah, blah…”and spent some time thinking about what are the things that hold people back. What are the things that keep people from achieving their dreams.

Then I remembered this video that I watched when I was on my break over the holidays and decided that it would be the perfect item to start off the new year. This video has been around for several years but I am guessing that most of you have not seen it.

It’s a bit long and there are some cut down versions of it but I think you should watch the entire 40 minutes to get the full effect. I wasn’t going to tell you who is in it because I want you to actually watch the damn thing, but the title gives it a way.

Now is your chance to show just how committed you are to your online business. Is it worth 40 minutes of your time?

Seriously! You want to talk about things that keep people from succeeding…how about not taking action!

So if you don’t have 40 minutes to sit and watch this right now, then bookmark the page and come back when you do. Of course you can watch what you can then finish later, but I suspect that once you start watching you won’t want to stop.

So, what did you think about that? Leave a comment and let me know.

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